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Race Report: Round 2, 2016/2017 ACC Production Race Series, 15 October 2016, Pukekohe Park Raceway

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Weather: Rain and very wet morning. Drying from 11am and completely dry by mid afternoon.

Qualifying: Terrible conditions and lots of overnight rain meant we really needed swimsuits instead of racesuits! The rain continued through Qualifying and with small rivers running across the track in multiple locations, and semi-slick tyres compared to the wets a lot of our competitors had, it wasn’t the most successful session we’ve ever had. Ended up setting a lap time 15th out of 24, so whilst not thrilled with the position, I was happy to have kept the car on track and out of the concrete walls.

Race 1: 8 Laps, qualifying order start.

The rain had stopped shortly after our Qualifying session and by the time Race 1 rolled around the track was drying quickly and mainly damp with only a few standing puddles. The tyres started to work once they had a little heat in them, and we were able to claw back some places from our poor starting position. I pushed as hard as I could and although it looked a bit more like a drift session, we ended up with a very solid result and good championship points.

Result: 5th overall

Race 2: 6 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

The track was dry now and after revising the car setup to suit we had it all to do in a short, 6-lap, reverse grid Race 2. Starting towards the rear of the field due to the lap times from the previous race, this was a very busy session. Only one quicker car managed to get past us and another solid finish was in the bag.

Result: 5th overall

Race 3: 10 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

With the sun having been out for a good few hours, we had a very nice dry and warm circuit to go and race on. Combined with the cooler afternoon air temperature, this was looking ideal for us – the boost was turned up and despite starting third from the back of the grid, we had a great race and ended up snatching the last step on the podium in the last lap. I was very comfortable with the car setup by now and pushing right up to (and sometimes beyond) the limits of grip). On such a fast track like Pukekohe Park Raceway, the adrenaline was definitely going!!

Result: 3rd overall

As always, a huge ‘thank you’ to the Hall Speed Sport team, various supporters, Motul New Zealand, Production Race Series Coordinators and all our Facebook ‘likers’. Round 3 is back at Pukekohe and given our results this time, I’m very excited about November 13.

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