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Race Report: Round 3, 2016/2017 ACC Production Race Series, 13 November 2016, Pukekohe Park Raceway

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Weather: Track dry and weather fine until late afternoon some small showers.

Qualifying: Great start to the day – with a clean dry track that had plenty of rubber laid down from the V8 Supercars the previous weekend combined with track familiarity from round 2, we managed to qualify 5th out of 34 starters. The lap time was 0.6 sec quicker than we’d ever gone around before, so spirits were high looking forward to race 1. Little did we know there was more to come...

Race 1: 8 Laps, qualifying order start.

As the track temperature kept coming up and the grip increasing, it shouldn’t have been too surprising that we would go quicker still. However, we couldn’t have guessed the margin of improvement. A good start off the line meant we kept in touch with a very fast top 4 cars. From here a great battle ensued with a mega-horsepower Mitsubishi Evo 10. We got past under braking on lap 3 and then proceeded to close on the car in 3rd. Again with a significant power deficit, it was tough going but a solid 4th place was gladly accepted – especially once we found out our lap times had dropped down to a 1.16.1 – a new PB by 2.3 seconds!

Result: 4th overall

Race 2: 6 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

Starting in reverse order (4th from the back!) was going to be tough but again a good start had us past a number of cars quickly. Unfortunately the race was ruined by an engine bay fire for another competitor on lap 2 which brought out the red flag. 15+ minutes of sitting on the grid baking in the sun ensued whilst the Marshalls did their thing. We got going again but only had a few laps to do anything, and the car started to sound a bit odd towards the end of the race...

Result: 14th overall

Race 3: 10 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

On the start line for race 3, the sky was dark and a few drops were beginning to fall. And the car sounded like a Massey Ferguson... The sound from race 2 had become much worse and as soon as we got underway, there was no power and a very noisy car. All we could do was get around as quick as possible and bank whatever points we could. The issue turned out to be a badly cracked exhaust manifold. Definitely a low point of the day, especially considering the start.

Result: 24th overall

As always, a huge ‘Thank you’ to the Hall Speed Sport team (especially Nick this round who contributed the entry fee), various supporters, Motul New Zealand, Racelign Suspension, Production Race Series Coordinators and all our Facebook ‘likers’. Round 4 is down in Taupo which should be a great new challenge.

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