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Race Report: Round 1, 2019/2020 ACC Production Race Series, 1 September 2019, Hamptons Downs

Conditions: Damp in the morning but drying through the day.

Qualifying: First hit out for the new season and for a number of reasons we didn't have the updates on the car we'd been working on. Aside from fluids and a general check over, the car was in the same guise as it was in the last race of last season. Into quali and there were a few cars trying a little hard for a first outing, with a number finding themselves pointing the wrong way or in the sand. As a result and being a bit cautious, we only put in the 16th best time out of 32 cars.

Race 1 (8 Lap sprint, qualifying order start): The track had dried a fair bit by the time the first race rolled around and we had some work to do. A good race in general but the car seemed to be lacking rear end grip with last seasons worn old tyres on there, and we were about 1.5 seconds down on our normal lap times.

Result: 8th Overall.

Race 2 (10 laps, reverse grid handicap start): Given the big field, we ended up starting down in 25th for the first of the reverse grid races. we'd tried a few tweaks but again couldn't get the car where we wanted it to be - especially under power out of the corners where the back end wanted to overtake the front! Lots of fun but not very quick...

Result: 11th Overall

Race 3 (12 laps, reverse grid handicap start): The longest sprint race of the series at 12 laps in fading light was going to be a challenge. Due to a few cars falling by the wayside during the days racing, we'd been bumped up to start from 22nd. It was with a gaggle of others who were a little quicker so a great battle ensued and we bounced around from 21st to 25th for the first 10 laps, and then made some headway in the closing stages.

Result: 14th Overall

It was a tough day out and showed that even though we've won the last two championships in a row, we can't rest on our laurels and need to keep the hammer down. We'll push some of the updates through for round 2 at Pukekohe Park Raceway in October and look to reclaim some ground in the points table. As always, thanks to the Prime Speed Sport team, various supporters, Motul New Zealand, Yokohama Tyres NZ, Paddon Rallysport, Autolign Mt Wellington, Production Race Series Coordinators and all our Facebook followers. See you for Round 2!!

Thanks to Dave at Autostore for some of these great pics.

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