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Race Report: Round 6, 2017/2018 ACC Production Race Series, 4 March 2018 Pukekohe Park Raceway

Weather: Warm, sunny and dry.

Qualifying: We’d been joined by the Rotary racing class for Round 4 to make up a 28 car grid, and the car was primed for action. Using Yokohama A050 tyres that we’d fitted for the Leadfoot was a calculated gamble as they were rumoured to be fast but limited on tyre life. Still, with this round using the old Pukekohe track with the full back straight it seemed an experiment worth trying. A conservative initial setting until we’d figured out the tyre landed us a 6th fastest qualifying lap which was a good considering the high-powered cars up the front on this very fast, open track layout.

Race 1: 8 Lap sprint, qualifying order start.

As has become normal, our Subaru AWD launched the car off the line and into 4th place – a position we held for the first few laps. Eventually though the two Rx7’s we’d passed made use of their greater engine power and got by. We managed to hang onto the tail of them but didn’t have an opportunity to fight back.

Result: 6th Overall

Race 2: 6 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

Effectively racing our second handicap of the day but with the faster cars behind us, we had a good opportunity to make up for race 1. An almost race long battle with a pair of quick Honda’s was massive fun – even more so when we came out on top!

Result: 1st Overall

Race 3: 10 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

After the previous race, the whole team was on a high and couldn’t wait for the big 10 lap race. The tyres were wearing really well and we were confident in their ability to stay consistent for the whole race. Unfortunately there was a mix-up during the handicapping process that saw a few cars start further ahead than they should’ve. Regardless the car was again perfect and we got another solid result.

Result: 1st Overall

With the last round of the season up next on the 7th ofApril, we are positioned very well in the championship, both in our class and for overall honors. We couldn’t have done it without support and input from a lot of people so thank you to the Hall Speed Sport team, various supporters, Subaru of New Zealand, Motul New Zealand, Yokohama Tyres NZ, Autolign Mt Wellington, Production Race Series Coordinators and all our Facebook ‘likers’.

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