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Race Report: Rounds 1 and 2, 2018/2019 ACC Production Race Series

Round 1, 2 September 2018, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

Welcome to the Hall Speed Sport assault on the 2018/19 Production Race Series, and the first of our race reports. You’ll have noticed there was no report for round 1, and for good reason!! It was a monsoon and we got to qualify, then have the first race before the day was called off – during that process, two cars were heavily damaged (one rolled) due to the weather conditions. As a result, no points were awarded on the day and all round 1 entrants would be awarded double points at round 2. So... onto round 2!!

Round 2, 13 Oct 2018, Pukekohe Park Raceway

Weather: Dry, cool ambient temperature.

Qualifying: After the disappointment of the round 1 washout, we refocused on a good result for round 2 where we could get a double points haul. The track was green but dry and a cool sunny day was promising bigthings for our WRX. A new motor had been put together in the off season with better response and a bit more power. Despite bedding in new brakes during quali and a bit of a sideways moment over the top of the hill onto the front straight due to another car dumping oil on the track, we put the car in 4th out of 33 starters.

Race 1: 8 Lap sprint, qualifying order start.

A typical rocket start put us into 2nd by turn 1 and the car was feeling very strong. The Yokohama A050’s were doing their thing through the turns, and our new motor full of Motul fluids was punching out some serious power... unfortunately a few laps in the new brake pads we were trialing called time out and caused significant issues when trying to slow the car at this very fast track. We battled on and managed to return some decent points.

Result: 5th Overall.

Race 2: 6 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

The first of the handicap races, and whilst the Hall Speed Sport team were pulling out all the stops to sort a brake solution, it didn’t happen in time – we’d have to take to the track again knowing we couldn’t compete in the braking zones. Starting from 20th we clawed our way up the field but couldn’t gain enough time to get a meaningful result.

Result: 10th Overall

Race 3: 10 laps, reverse grid handicap start.

Thanks to a huge effort from my #1 supporter (thanks wifey!!), we’d replaced the front brakes before the last race, and what a difference!! Needing to finish the day on a high and make the most of our double points scenario, the engine got wound up and we let her rip. Starting from 19th this time due to a few casualties, the car was on point and we got through to second place before the chequered flag fell. Another half a lap and the win was possible.

Result: 2nd Overall

As you all know, we couldn’t do this without a huge amount of support that comes in many different forms. A good start to the season, but one not without challenges, sees us leading the championship by a slender margin going into round 3 at Taupo. Big thanks to the Hall Speed Sport team, various supporters, Motul New Zealand, Yokohama Tyres NZ, Autolign Mt Wellington, Production Race SeriesCoordinators and all our Facebook ‘likers’.

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